Basset Hound Club of Victoria

Basset Hound Club of Victoria

History of the Club
The club was founded in 1968 with the first general meeting held in May of that year. The main objectives of the club at that time were:
  1. To maintain the purity and promote the improvement of the breed.

  2. To organise and promote Shows, Parades Hunts, Trailing or Tracking Demonstrations, Lectures, and to provide entertainment for the enjoyment of members and their guests, or for the raising of funds for charitable institutions or causes, or for the benefit of the Club in general.

  3. To represent the Breed and members in all spheres relevant to Club activities and to cooperate, associate or affiliate with any person or organisation with a view to furthering the objects of the Club.

  4. To promote harmony amongst members and owners of the Breed.
The need for a club newsletter was recognised at this early stage, the first edition having no name By the second edition the Basset Ear had been accepted and has been in use ever since.

Social events and club competitions have featured since these early years. The first competition occurred in 1969 with 52 exhibits taking part. On the social scene many different events have been held over the years. Lectures, inter breed matches, Christmas break-ups that have varied from dinner dances to BBQ's, car rallies, various 'nights' including veterinary lectures and bingo and games sessions, and in the late 1970's and early 1980's even basset 'hunts'. in more recent years these have been replaced by Basset walks.

Over the years there has been many changes in both activities and personnel, although some of those early members are still active in the club. However the club remains committed to holding competitions and social events for members and overall the promotion of our wonderful Basset Hounds.

Becoming a member.
If you would like to become a member of the club please contact the secretary for a membership form or alternatively they are available from the club's Internet site.


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Contact Details

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